I Heart Nail Art Design

Get a new heart nail art design which looks something different.
Take a look at the steps and make it own your own.
Have fun.

You will need:-
-Nail filler
-Base coat
-Top coat
-base color(Purple),tip color(Red)

1. File your nails into a rounded point as as shown in picture.
2. Apply a base coat and let it dry completely.
3. Apply two coats of nail polish you want over the whole nail.Apply only on one nail, for other nails work directly on base coat as shown in picture.
4. For making hearts, first position the tip of the brush on the left side. Use the brush to create a teardrop shape onto the nail, and drag the brush over and down. Repeat same step for the right side.
5. Finish with a top coat for last longer.

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