How to Do a Lace Braid Bun on Yourself? - Must Check!

Let’s try out a bun, a braid and a lace all together for your new look.

Firstly, spray your hair so that they will not move here and there while you are doing your hairstyle.

Divide your hair from center in two portions, left and right.

Now take two strands from the corner of that partition, and make a knot with these two strands.

For making second knot add some hair from both the side of the knot. Now make other knot after adding hairs to the strands.

Follow this method both the sides left and right, till then you reach the mid of your head.

After that take all hairs, and tie it with rubber band and make a pony tail. Then make a fish braid with the hairs in pony tail, till the tip of the hairs.

Now make a circle with this pony tail on mid of your head. And fix the end with the help of a pin. Now your bun is ready.

Now you are all set to go the party or farewell or even in prom night.

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