Herbs That Work Wonders for your Hair - Home Remedies

The effectiveness of herbs is not only limited to our kitchen for particular food items. Herbs are helpful for you overall health including physical health, skin health and hair health. Herbs are rich in contents necessary for the body growth which makes them unique among the things we look around. These herbs can greatly help you take care of your hairs too. Today we are talking about few of the most popular herbs with their benefits towards health of your hairs.

Goose Berry:
It is also called as Amla and is actively present in the Indian kitchens. It is reach in vitamin C and hence it helps maintaining the shine and lusture for your dull lifeless hairs. It also supports healthy scalp which is required for hair growth.

Curry Leaves:
Curry leaves are better known for their effectiveness against the premature graying of the hairs. You have to boil these leaves in oils like olive, coconut or sesame etc and then apply it on to your scalp overnight.

The other name of basil is tulsi and its massage not only gives the required moisture to the hairs but also it stimulates the blood circulation which activates the hair follicles which in turn sustain the hair growth.

Neem has all anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which sooth the hair scalp. This can be effectively used to cure the dandruff or itchiness. All you need is boil some neems leaves along with water and then take a bath with it.

Hibiscus Flower:
Hibiscus flower is known to shine your dull hairs and to prevent the premature graying. You need to heat any oil with this flower and then apply it to your scalp 30 minutes prior to the bath for positive results.

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