Braided Bun Wedding Hairstyle Step By Step

Braided bun is the perfect hairstyle for the wedding occasion and it is the most famous hair styles among the brides. As it looks great, it requires great skill set to acquire the perfect look and shape. Today we are taking on this tutorial to cover how to make braided bun wedding hairstyle and we will be going through step by step to make you better understand. It involves both braid and bun hence it is named as braided bun. Other name for this style is the braid wrapped bun because we wrap braid around the bun.

We will be starting first by making the regular ponytail.

Now split it into two smaller sections and one bigger or thicker section.

Convert both two small sections into the tiny braids while keeping the middle bunch as it is.

Now it’s time to make the bun. Create the bun using the left over hairs and keeping aside both braids.

Now wrap around both the braids around the central bun and finish the hairstyle by hiding the tiny braid tails into the bunch.

Your perfect braided bun is ready and you have done it perfectly.

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