Wave Hair with Straightener - Hairstyle Tutorial

Wavy hairs give you the actress look and you can use your regular hair straightener to create the waves. In this tutorial we will guide you on step by step tutorial for making waves in your hairs. This tutorial is quite easy to follow and learn along.

Make a pony tail and leave the hairs below the ear length to your back.

Fold back the pony and attach it to the top using the hair clips.

Now use the hair moisturizer spray to give necessary moisturization.

Now grab the hair straightener and start making the curls.

As you pass on the hairs through the straightener, fix them along using the curlers.

Curlers are good as they keep the hairs in place and exactly in the shape so that they don’t unfold.

Following the same way your head should be covered with lot many curlers as it depends on you, how efficiently you put them in place.

Now grab the hairs that you have left behind your neck and make them pass gently through the hair straightener to give the necessary curls.

Now you can remove the curlers and let the waves flow through your hairs.

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