Volumize Poof Bouffant Hairstyle - Tutorial

You need new hairstyle then what are you waiting for see this hairstyle which is very nice looking and taking around 5-10 minutes for final result. Just follow the simple steps given below and you are ready for a prom and other party very easily. enjoy the hairstyle with no time and didn't require any tools.Take a look:

You Will Need:-
Bobby Pins
bristle brush

1. Begin by back combing your hair. Part the all your hair some at front and the rest is in back.

2. Then section off your hair on one side as pictured. After that pull the section behind your ear and secure with bobby pins.

3. Take some part of your hair which is on back side and began teasing it with a bristle brush.

4. Use same bristle brush and comb your hair smoothly. Repeat the step 3rd again but in other direction as shown in picture.

5. After that push the bump up with hand and carefully spray with a hairspray.

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