Extra Long Double Ponytail in 5 Minutes - Hairstyle Tutorial

When you bored with the regular ponytail and something new which is pretty and quickly then see this tutorial. The ponytail is one that every girl uses. It’s quick, it’s easy and it gets hair out of the way. It's taking really very less time and can be perfect for any occasion and looks always amazing.If you love doing a ponytail, check out these ponytail hairstyle that every girl should know.Try this and have fun. Take a look:

1. Begin by fresh hair, it will give better result.

2. Pull the lower half of your hair into a mid range ponytail as shown in picture 2nd.

3. Start comb your rest hair smoothly and again make a ponytail upper then lower one and secure with thin bands as pictured.

4. Drop the top ponytail. Make sure to view the ponytail from both sides and adjust the ponytail so that the lower ponytail is not showing.

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