Tri Color Nail Design Step By Step

Do you want to polish your nails quickly and easily then you will love today’s post which is having a tutorial which is so simple to create. The nail arts looks pretty and adorable on hands.Today's nail art is a tricolor Nail Art which looks Cute, easy to make, good for beginners and those who don’t want to spend too much time on polishing nails.You can make this only using three colors of nail polish and with no time at home. To make the design easier for you, tutorials will inspire you to create their own nail art design.

You will need:-
-Three nail polish
-Top coat
-French manicure strips

1. Apply two coats of your lightest nail polish. Wait for it to dry completely.
2. Carefully place a French manicure strip across the center of your nail.
3. Paint the bottom of your nail with one color and the top portion with another color as shown in picture.
4. Quickly remove the sticker strip, do not wait for the polish to dry.
5. Finish with a top coat for a shiny and smoothy Nail Art.

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