Sticker Nail Tips and Tutorial

When you want to try some new Nail Art's then came across a new type of nail art, which people call a Sticker Nail or Half moon manicure.Sticker Nail art is actually much easier than it looks if you know the tricks to create it. Always use sticky Paper hole reinforcers to create this type of nail art. Read our Tutorial and find out how it’s done. You can easily get a great Sticker Nail Art for your nails with these easy steps:

You Will Need:-
-Two Nail polishes
-Paper hole reinforcers
-Top coat

1. Apply a base coat.You can apply two coats if your polish is light.
2. Cover you nail with a paper hole reinforcement as shown in picture.Remember that only one third of your nail is covered with this paper hole.
3. Apply a nail polish on the area which is not covered with paper hole.
4. Then immediately remove the paper hole.Wait till the polish is about to dry.
5. Finally apply a top coat for shiny and smoothy nail.

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