Super Easy 5 Minute Nail Art - Tutorial

Nail art really in trend these days. Most of the girls want's different nail art designs. Some girl's have no time to do nail art may they are busy in their work or any other reason. But today we have solution of this problem, We show you the tutorial of Super Easy 5 Minute Nail Art which is very easy to create and very less time consuming.This is best for all which have no time and for the beginners also. No special skills or tools required.Another great thing about this nail design is that it can be done in any colour you like.Try this and have fun. Take a look:

You Will Need:-
Pink shiny nail polish
Black and white nail polish
A dotting tool
Top coat

1. Apply a base coat.Remember that the base coat you used must be shiny to more nice look.
2. After that use a dotting tool and draw dots of white color polish on nails as shown in pictures.
3. Draw same size dots but this time the color is black as pictured.
4. Let it dry completely, taking around 5 minutes then seal your Nail Art by applying a fast dry top coat. You are done.

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