Neons Interlocking Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Summer is start and one trend we can't escape is neon. Neon is the way to go for summer, there are so many nail art designs of neon colors. You can create some fun designs or keep it simple. We all love the neon color and it looks so great with a on your nails. See this neon nail design it could be a perfect choice for you.Take a look:


1. Apply base coat. Apply alternate colors on nails.

2. Apply your contrast color to the top half of the nail as shown in picture.

3. Use a dotting tool to apply dots. Use base color to draw dots along the upper side of the line you created. Try to draw dots just slightly
overlapping the line as pictured. Add additional dots to the upper half of the nail.

4. Add dots on the lower part of the nails also.

5. Wait 15-20 minutes for your dots to dry completely.

6. After that apply top coat.

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