Studded Polish Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial

Nail art plays an important role which creates the finishing touch for an outstanding appearance. When you handshake with someone, they will definitely notice your hand and your nails, which means that you have to maintain your nails properly, especially when you work with people.When you don't have time, you can just apply a matte nail strengthener, because it dry out faster than the glossy ones. But when you have enough time then you definitely should try this nail art:

You will need:
-Base coat
-White nail polish
-Golden studs
-Golden tape thin strips
-Top coat

1. Apply the base coat and let it dry out completely.
2. Then stick a tape strip at the middle of the nail.
3. Paint the tip and the bottom of the nail with white nail polish. Apply another layer if you are not satisfied with the coverage of the nail polish.
4. Wait for those layers to dry out completely.
5. Then stick the golden thin strips to the inner edges of the white nail polish.
6. Apply top coat and stick the studs on the bare area of the nail bed.Then apply clear top coat.

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