Quilted Brick Trick Nail Art Tutorial

There is a reason why black is the favorite color of most people. Black nail polish looks absolutely sexy and mysterious. It adds enigma and elegance to your look. Black is a color that looks good on all skin tones. Black also gives a slim appearance to the nails making them look longer. The steps to this sophisticated look are-

Take black nail polish, matte top coat nail varnish, matte base coat nail varnish and a dental floss. Gather all your materials beforehand to avoid stains and mess later on.

Apply black nail polish after covering the nail in a base coat. You can also use nail foundation to get a lasting nail design.

Use matte nail top coat nail varnish. This seals the black nail polish and add a matte effect that looks chic and tasteful.

Use dental floss to create diagonal lines across the nail. Engrave the lines on the nail by applying a slight pressure as you draw these lines.

Cross these lines withhelp of the floss by engraving diagonal lines in the opposite direction.

Your Quilted Brick Trick Nail Art is complete.

This look is perfect for an evening out at the bar or a formal get-together.

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