Sporty Updo Fishtail at The Gym Step By Step

If you are sporty and go to gym then handling your hairs can be a tricky task during the workout sessions. During bending down your hairs may come up to your face and disturb your concentration. For being in rhythm and keep going with the flow you should properly make a hair style that suits the environment. Today we are telling you sporty updo fishtail which is strictly suited for the gym.

First we will be making a regular ponytail.

Grab your hairs and pass them through the elastic band to make the regular ponytail.

Here you should keep in mind to make the pony as high as possible so that it doesn’t take much length on your back.

Now split the hairs in three sections and pull them apart using the fingers in between.

Now make a quizzed braid by crossing the two side sections around the middle one.

You should be finishing in a fish tail hanging behind your neck.

This way your hairs are all aligned and are in better place. You can further modify this fishtail to make a bun over your head.

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