Natural Colors For Your Feminine Look Step By Step

It is believed that beauty is in the colors but true beauty is in the real natural colors. Many often we try to alter our natural skin color to look more beautiful but nothing can be more beautiful that seeing you in your own natural color. Today we will try to match your makeup color with your natural skin color so as to give you fairer and gorgeous feminine look. We will be doing this tutorial to shine your eyes.

Pick up the brush and fill it with the color matching to your eye brows.

Just above your upper lash line and beneath eye brow draw the line in the shape of your eye brow.

Do keep the lines thicker at the outside while keeping it slight thin on the inner edges.

As a good practice you should start from the middle and then go on towards ends.

Now give the same texture to the below lash line to match with the color.

Clean the skin around eyes with the polishing brush.

Your eyes are now sparkling with the natural tone in your own natural color which brings out the real beauty.

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