Medieval Braided Hairstyle Step By Step

Medieval braid is the most ancient hair style technique actually but in the modern time it has modified to match with the current trends. In medieval braided hair style we have a common braid which is composed to other two or more braids together. So let’s learn it how it is known as today.

Comb your hairs the way so that you have some hairs on your sides over your ears on both sides.

In the top middle of your head you should be having the big bunch of hairs which we will be dealing with.

Now take the hairs and hand and divide it in 3 portions using your fingers.

Now cross them with each other to make the 3 cross braid.

This will leave you a big braid in the middle and a tail.

Now it’s time for the side tricks.

Make one braid on each side of your face with the hairs that you have left in first step.

Hold them back and assemble them within the middle bigger braid this will create few more curls in it to look more compact.

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