Get Beachy Waves - No Heat

You might be wondering with the name about the complexity of this particular hair style but it is actually not that tough. If I say you can do it within 10 minutes you might not trust me but once I’ll be finishing this with you, you will not be having any reason to disagree with me. So let’s start.

First comb your hairs because it will clear all the fuzzy hairs and will make your hairs clear and smooth to work on.

Now make them divide in two sections, one on each side of your face over the ears.

Now start with the hairs from the left side and start curling them clockwise. This will give you a tail which you need to cross over to your head and fix it near the other ear.

The same way go with the right side and fix the tail near left side.

Hope you don’t have any hanging hairs now.

Your beachy waves hairstyle is complete and now you can check the time in the watch also. No need to praise because I have always known that I am going to win. But now it’s your turn to win, tell your friends and as they will be challenging you, you can show them the actual game.

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