Kiwi Nail Tutorial

When you are Looking for a beautiful and gorgeous way to add flair to your look then you are at the right place. Nail art add a unique touch to your personality every day whether you are going in a special occasion or in everyday life. There are a number of designs you can create yourself but today we show you the nail art looks like a fruit.Fruity nail or Kiwi Nail are great for summer, you can choose either to design only one nail or all of them.Choice is your's.Take a look on the steps given below:

1. Apply a Polish on your nails with a green color.

2. Apply white polish in oval shape on the center of the nail.

3. Use a a thin brush to make some white lines all around the Oval shape as shown in picture.

4. With a doted tool of black color make some dots around the white area in the center.the size of dots may vary it may be small or large as shown in picture.

5. You are done.

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