High Ponytail Hairstyles Tutorial with Bump

Pony tails can be the attractive look if you are tall. Pony tails also gives your hairs a fluffy look which is easy to carry and can be suitably applied to any kind of dress. Today we will be doing tutorial on making a high pony tail with the bump.

We will first start with making a slight curl to your topmost hairs.

Now put some hairs falling on your face and pull the rest towards backside.

Fix them all with the help of elastic and the initial pony should be at the top point of head.

Now going ahead with the hairs hanging on your pace, give them a fluffy comb and pull them back gently up to the pony you have created.

Now circle them around the elastic and make the elastic completely covered with these hairs.

Your very own and fluffy pony tail is ready to swing in the air on your foot steps as you will walk with high ambition on the streets. Go ahead and share it with the world. It is preferably suitable to girls which finds it difficult to keep hairs set in one place.

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