How to Make A Ponytail Tutorial

Ponytails are one of those hairstyles that require very less time and easy to make.We usually create this hairstyle when we are in rush, or when our hair is not clean.Today we show you the tutorial which is going to show you a new way of creating a high ponytail that is perfect for special occasions or even everyday. You just require to learn the little trick that makes your ponytail look high and full.

1. Comb your hair to get rid of any possible bumps.

2. frizz your hair at the top as indicated in the second picture. It gives volume to the top front of your head.

3. After completing it gently brush the top to get rid of the frizzy looking hair and create a smooth hair as shown in the third picture.

4. Put your hair into a high ponytail and then grab a small piece of hair and tie it around in order to cover the elastic band.

5. Start teasing your ponytail right around the band as shown in picture so you get high level ponytail looks higher and fuller. Apply hairspray and you are done.

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