Gorgeous Nail Art Ideas Step By Step

Very few color combinations are as striking as the blue-green combination. Green color stand for growth and freshness. Blue symbolizes wisdom and faith. When you combine these two colors, you get a look that speaks of harmony and belief. The shades selected in this tutorial as also light which is appropriate for any woman who wants to appear fresh. A perfect look for the day, this nail art design will make you look youthful and coquettish. The steps for this look-

Color the nail entirely in sea green nail polish.

Put thin strips of paper across the nail diagonally so that they intersect in the middle of the nail. Place two more strips of paper diagonally so that they intersect at the base of the nail.

Color the nail in cerulean blue leaving the area bordered by the lower strips.

Remove the strips to get a beautiful and funky crisscross pattern in these two shades.

You can also use any other color combinations that balance each other. This design is easy and quick but surely stands out. The best part about this look is that it is formal as well as informal so you can use it for all occasions.

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