How To Make Braided Ponytail - Tutorial

Sometimes we like to try cute hairstyle that is new and easy. We show you some great last minute hairstyles for medium and long hair. These are good to try for summer when we prefer a ponytail with some braids for a cool look. It is really nice and quick for everyday hairstyles.Its really easy when you make it.This adds a pretty twist to the easy ponytail hairstyle. Take a look on what you will need for this hairstyle and on the steps given below.

You Will Need:-
Bobby pins
Thin headband

1. Start by back comb your hair. Now divide your hair in 3 sections.2 sections on sides and 1 at the back.
2. Make a low ponytail of back side hairs.Secure with thin headband.
3. Pull 3/4 hair from right side and leave the front.
4. Pull that part into the ponytail and pin it with bobby pins.
5. Do the same for the other side. Remember it hide the pins and now secure this one also with bobby pins.
6. Grab the leftover hair on the right side as well as the strands left over from the left.Wrap it around your ponytail so that it covers up your hair tie.
7. Same step for the remaining hairs which you leave in starting. You are done.

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