Easy Braided Hairstyles For Summer - Tutorial

The braid hairstyles never goes out of fashion. They are always in trend. Specially in summer season girls want hairstyles in which they want that their hairs don't fall out.We have a collection of braid hairstyles but today we show the new hairstyles using braid.Easy braided hairstyle for the summer. If you have the free time, attempt these out. This tutorial is best suited for middle and long hairs. Its definitely something latest and exciting to try.
Take a look:


1. Take some hair from right side and Part it in 3 sections, like you would preparing for a braid.

2. Make a braid you normally do.

3. Tie it using bobby pins when you reach the shoulder.

4. Start your second braid, but add in one strand to the braid one at a time as shown in picture(from the middle of 1st braid).

5. Gently loose your braid.Remember leave some hair to cover the face.

6. Pin the first braid to the back under your hair, secure it with bobby pins.

7. Pin up the second one on top of the first one.Pull your hair back down to cover the pins, and you’re done.

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