How To Grow Your Nails - Tutorial

Every girl wants to look stunning and beautiful this not only depends upon the dress you wear. For gorgeous look you must paint your nails. The nail art looks more attractive on the nails having the long length.But every time the nails breaks and girls can't understand how this happens. That’s why we tried to find the solution of this problem so that from the next time they will last longer.

-Some have a habit of biting nails.If you get rid of it apply some bitter tasting polishes on to your nails , which are easily available i the market.

-File your nails weekly with same size and shape.

-Drink Water.

-Choose the perfect shape of your nails. If your nails are thin and soft you should choose an oval shape.

-Avoid using acetone

-Apply more than one coat of nail polish, two coats of nail polish, and then a top coat.

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