Half Moon Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Having a great and gradient looks for your nails may nearly impossible without professional help like going to salon, but you can do it yourself with just follow the simple tutorial given with pictures.Today we have a very nice combination nail art which looks awesome and fit for special occasion and for night out.This Nail Art looks really nice on your nails after completed.From Today's Nail Art Tutorial you get inspired to paint your nails with so much of ease. Nail art tutorials will give you the knowledge to get you painting your own manicures today. We offer step by step Nail art which is so creative and you have fun to decorate nails using this.Just follow some simple steps given below:

1. Apply a base color. If base color is light you can use two coats of base color.
2. Apply a reinforcement label at the base of the nail.
3. Paint a nail polish over the upper side nail using different color.Remove the label.
4. Add the droplets on the half moon line where the two colors are joined as shown in picture.Add same droplets in a straight way.The middle droplet size must be large then other as pictured.
5. Add droplets of another color in between the previous droplets as pictured.
6. Seal with top coat for shine and smoothness.

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