Butterfly Nail Design Tutorial

Have you been able to catch a single butterfly in your childhood? You might not be succeeded because you can’t fly as freely as butterfly do. But now its tome to catch some serious butterflies right on to your hands. Today we will be learning a funny yet cool nail art design of drawing butterfly on your nails.

First of all clean your nails and remove any previous nail paint.

Now apply pink on your nail, covering it fully without leaving any space anywhere.

Now add some sparkling glitter at the outer corner of the nail.

Now it’s time to give some feathers to our butterfly. Draw a black line in the middle of the nail.

Likewise draw few more lines on both side of the middle line.

Finally draw a black outline of your nail and also you need to dark the feather strips you have created.

Repeat this on your rest of the nails.

Now you are having several butterflies in your hand in total. Show it to your friends and amaze them with this wonderful nail art which they will also like and will praise your hard work.

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