Frisky Puffed Party Ponytail

We are here to show you another ponytail hairstyle which looks really good.Perfect for any night out and for summer season.In summer season every girl wants that her hair don't fall out.This hairstyle is so simple to create and taking just 10 - 15 minutes for the final result. This will work with any type of hair but if you have straight hair, it will give you better result.This is best for those who have no time to make hairstyle.Just have a thin band, comb and you are ready to create this hairstyle.
Take a look:


1. Start with back comb your hair for more better result.
2. Leave the crown hair and gather the lower part of your hair, make a ponytail.Secure with thin band.
3. After that comb the crown hair nicely and start teasing for more volume.
4. Gently comb the crown hair and then tuck these hair into the ponytail which you already made.
5. Take just little part of hair from the ponytail and rounded over the base of the ponytail as shown in picture.You are done.

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