Decorate Halfup

Braids brings more casual touch of the hairstyle and you can find so many types of braid hairstyle.Ponytails are universal. These days they are trendy and you can adjust a simple ponytail to any kind of hairstyle.One style we show you today.Try it and feel good with this simple hairstyle.It is appropriate for a romantic dinner.This is a gorgeous style and can easily be done yourself in front of the mirror.So take a look on the ssteps given below, for more convenience we provide the pictures also.Take a look:


1. Comb your hair for smoothness and for better result.

2. Tie the half of the hair into two ponytails.

3. Make Braid of each and remove the hair bands from the base of the braid.

4. Wrap them around inwards and Secure the buns with bobby pins.

5. Then connect the tails of the buns,create a heart shape.Tie with an elastic hair band at the end.

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