Cute Volume Rose Bun Step By Step Tutorial

Today we will learn how to make volume rose bun by following the step by step tutorial that we are going to tell you. It is quite easy to follow and if you will follow along you will be pretty perfectly learn it so that from the next time you don’t need to see any tutorial. So let’s begin the journey of your becoming the master of volume rose bun hair style.

First pull all your hairs upwards and tie them using an elastic band.
From the bunch make two partitions.

Leave one partition hanging over your face and grab the other in your hand.

The one you are holding you need to fold it so that to finish tying along the elastic band.

Now take the partition you have left hanging ahead and fold it in round staring making a rose.

You just roll your hairs making each round perfectly visible and separated from the previous one so as to resemble with the rose petals.

Finally fix the tailing hairs within the binding.

Congratulations!!!! You have finished making rose bun in your hair style.

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