Advanced Tribal Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art tutorials will give you the knowledge to paint your nail own your own.If you want to learn how to make some tribal nails for yourself then you are at the right place because we have a tribal inspired nail art tutorial for you. Tribal Nail Art seem hard to make, but if you have a step by step picture in front of you, you will find them easy.Today we will show you the another one Tribal Nail Art. Just take a look:

1. Paint your nails with white nail polish and once dried go for another coat.
2. Paint four dots on your nail using black nail polish.
3. Connect the dots together and you will create the rhombus design.
4. Add one triangle on each dot and then add some more triangles on each line as well as some small ones on each corner.
5. Apply clear top coat and you are done.

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