Cute Ponytail for Medium Hairs Step By Step

A ponytail is a hairstyle in which all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face, gathered and secured at the back of the head with a headband.A ponytail can be worn outside the home whether going to office or college. We have found the best ponytail styles to rock for any occasion.This is the style which is best for the short hair.Try this new look hairstyle you will definitely have fun and feel happy to do this because it is very less time consuming and best for the summer season.
Take a look:


1. Start by nicely comb your hair.

2. After combing your hair, gather all your hair and make two ponytails.

3. The lower and upper ponytail. After that start teasing the upper ponytail to get more volume.

4. then gently comb the upper ponytail, teasing must be done correctly so that the lower ponytail can not be shown as shown in picture.

5. For a nice grip, use hair spray.You are done.

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