Converse Nail Art Step By Step

This nail art look like a converse shoes.It's one of my most popular nail art and girls have really hang of creating this design.Anyone can create this by following the steps. It's looks messy but when you are ready to paint on your nail and follow the steps given below then you really enjoying and feel good.So try it and have fun.
Take a look:

You Will Need:-

Different color nail polishes
White and black color striper
Dotting tool
Top coat


1. Begin with a base coat of your favorite polish.Here we use the Pink one.
2. Create a white line across the nail around 1-3rd part of your nail using a white striper.
3. Fill the tip of your nail with a white polish as pictured.
4. With using a dotting tool, create six dots on the nail for the shoe's eyelets.
5. With the white striper, create the laces.
6. After that with a dotting tool, create the black dots in the eyelets.
7. With a black striper, create the black U on the shoe's toe.
8. Finish with applying a top coat.

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