Cute Heart Nail Art Design and Tutorial

All the women and teenage girls who love to bring out the inner child in them will adore this cute look. This loveable nail art design with a yellow heart and a smiley character is so cute with its little horns and rosy cheeks that you will fall in love with it as soon as you complete the look. Follow these steps to get this delightful look-

Color the nail in a neutral base like white or cream.

Draw an outline of the heart with amber nail polish.

Color the insides of the heart.

Draw two horns on either side with black nail polish.

Draw waves on the horns.

Draw black eyes and eyebrows, baby pink cheeks, a cute bow and a red mouth. Make the eyes big and round as children have large eyes. Draw straight eyebrows as children have thick eyebrows that have never been shaped. Draw the bow with care as it is an intricate design in a very small area. Draw a triangular mouth that is open so that your smiley will appear to be laughing. Color the insides with tomato red color to represent the youthfulness of a child.

Your endearing look is complete.

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