Corn Nail Art 3D Idea and Tutorial

Corn nail art 3D ideas is also a different type of nail art that is available in most of the salons and beauty houses. In corn nail art a yellow coloured nail paint is preferred so that yellow corns can be created on the nails which look like real corns. 3D effect can also be used to make your nails look 3 dimensional. 3D nails can be achieved both on extensions and natural nails. It can be created using acrylics. In 3D nail art ideas a kind of powder is used which is known as the polymer powder which is when used with the monomer liquid it is then used to create designs.

3D nail art is not very difficult to perform. All you need is a 3D art brush and 3D nail art bows. Most of the fashion artists would know this art form well. If you ever wish to create this style definitely go to a beauty salon and try it out from an artist. After that you can try doing it yourself. You would learn all the techniques from a good tutorial first. A tutorial for the same would give you complete information on how it is actually created.

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