Back-to-School Nail Art Ideas - Tutorial

Plaid nail art is a new form of nail art.This simple plaid design can be created using just some of the color combination.This is a very common form of cloth print.This print is not at all difficult to create.Looks really cute on toes, too.You don’t need to be a nail art expert and don't want to go to any of the salon.If you are looking for a new trendy nail art then try this one. plaid nail art will instantly put you into a festive mood.It’s a good when you do this on paper first and then try it on to your hands.If you have patience, draw the pattern on all nails otherwise create it only in the middle one and the ring finger as shown in picture.Try out this nail art tutorial and have fun.Take a look:

You Will Need:
Red, dark red, green, dark green, black and white nail polishes
Nail art brush
Striping nail art brush
Base coat and Top coat

1. Apply 2 coats of nail polish on each nail, you can choose any color you want(red & green).
2. Paint two horizontal thick lines. On the red nails use the dark red and on the green use the dark green nail polishes.
3. Paint one vertical line over the horizontal ones.
4. Take a nail art brush and fill the squares with black color nail polish where the lines cross each other.
5. Use a thin nail art brush and draw white lines as pictured.Continue with fine black lines.
6. After it will dry completely, then seal and smooth your design with top coat.

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