Amazing Messy Twist Hair Tutorial


Searching for a new hairstyle for good looks then you are at the right place.We have a amazing new hairstyle tutorial which looks stunning when you make it on your hair. So simple to create very less time consuming.A simple side twist Hairstyle look that we are loving for summer season.You can Find the step by step tutorial here.Take a look:

1. Grab your hair into one side, and take two even sections.

2. Begin your twist by pulling the front section upwards, and the back section down.

3. Add hair to the bottom section, and continue to twist.

4. Continue this and twist all the hair down to the ends.

5. Finish the twist by tightly wrapping the two final sections.

6. Carefully hold each section of the twist, and loos for fullness.

7. Keep loosening all the way down and finish with hairspray.

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