How to Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly?

The shape of your eyebrows can enhance your appearance by your facial shape and balancing your features.Plucking eyebrows too much or too little can throw the balance of your features off.Perfectly groomed eyebrows balance your features and frame your eyes.Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape.Follow our Tutorial on shaping eyebrows to get perfect results.Eyebrow shaping is incredibly important.Here is the Tutorial on How to Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly?
You will need:
– tweezers
– scissors
– eyebrow brush – thin angled brush
– brow filler in the color that best suits you.
1. Brush your eyebrows very well and with the scissors cut any hair that looks strange around the shape of your brows.
2. Take the tweezers and pick all the small hairs that stand out and look unnatural.
3. Take the small angled brush and start filling the brow starting from the bottom line.
4. Now, fill in the middle area of the brow.
5. Fill in the upper part and in the same time give a nice and smooth curve to your brows with the filler.
6. Your eyebrows should be ready.
May this Tutorial make your eyes perfect!

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