How to Make an Easy French Twist Updo

When you are in need of an elegant hairstyle, try the classic French twist. This gorgeous Hairstyle is a common in parties and weddings.A simple french twist is a classic up-do that is perfect for a variety of occasions.The French twist is a classic that every girl should know.This is an easy way to dress up your hair into an artistic hairstyle.If you’ve ever wondered how to achieve this gorgeous Hairstyle, we have just the guide for you!Try this simple hair tutorial for the always-romantic French twist updo.Follow the steps below to see how to use chopsticks to create the perfect french twist.
1. Lightly comb the lower half of your hair for fullness.
2. Next, pull all of your hair to one side and tie hair with bobby bands.
3. Using chopsticks, grab the ponytail just above the hair-tie.
4. With both hands, carefully twist up and around, tucking the ends into the top of the twist.
5. Leaving the chopsticks in, bobby-pin the french twist until it feels secure.
6. Slowly pull the sticks up and out to reveal your french twist.

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