Fancy Christmas Tree Nail Art Tutorial

Nail art is a unique form of art. There are different kinds of nail art that looks fantastic on your nails. It is a creative way of decorating your nails. It’s an art that can be done on figure nails and toe nails. It’s a very common activity in beauty salons and fashion houses.
1. Apply base coat on your nails, then the base color.
2. Let the nail polish dry very well and take two small strips and stick them to one nail in an X form, as you can see in the pictures.
3. Paint your nail with dark color polish inside.
4. Let the polish dry then remove the strips.
5. Make small golden glitter dots inside the V shape area area.
6. Next to the golden dots, make small uneven black semi circles.
7. Attach the small ribbon to the end of the triangle and apply top coat on nail.
8. Repeat this for all of your nails and you will have a fancy Christmas Tree Nails.

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