Amazing Nail Art Tutorial

There are different kinds of nail art that looks fantastic on your nails. It is a creative way of decorating your nails. It’s an art that can be done on figure nails and toe nails.There are different ways in which you can decorate your nails.This is easy and less time consuming nail art design.Anyone can make their nails fancy and amazing with this Nail art tutorial.
Step 1: Paint your nails with a base color(pink).
Step 2: Cut out a half circle shape out of scotch tape.
Step 3: Wait for your nails to dry completely and place the tape at the base of your nail.
Step 4: Paint a dark color polish over the tape and up to your nail.
Step 5: Remove the tape while the polish is still wet.
Step 6: Wait for your nails to completely dry and apply same steps to all your nails.
Step 7: Apply a clear coat.and you are done with Amazing Nails.

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