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Search engine optimization is a process that improves the visibility of a website or a web page in various search engines. SEO is reflected as important and technical part of web marketing. In a general way it is a process of improving ranking in search engine results.

Outsourcing is undertaking with another company to do a particular task. SEO outsourcing is a company hiring another company in same or in another country to promote its website. SEO outsourcing has become very essential in today’s life. It makes work of a company very easy and effective. SEO outsourcing plays an important part in internet marketing. It helps a company to achieve it’s goals and objectives.

Why SEO Outsourcing is needed can be explicated in following ways:
» Cost saving or lowering the cost - SEO Outsourcing is used because it saves money and it is very inexpensive process.
» Improve quality - SEO Outsourcing helps a company in improving the quality of the website by outsourcing it to another company.
» Innovation – Companies use external knowledge which provides them the capacity for innovation.
» Knowledge – SEO outsourcing helps in accessing more experience and knowledge.
» Technology – Better technology will be used by the outsourcing company.
» Goals and objectives – SEO outsourcing helps an organization to achieve its goals and services.
» Better understanding – Outsourcing helps to promote website in an understanding way.
» Expertise knowledge – Outsourcing is handled by experts so that the company can achieve its goals and objectives.

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