Hire SEO Expert - Hire SEO Expert, US $799 - $1499 Per Month for Full time Empoyee

Our service allowing you to hire your own offshore Search Engine Optimizer, Link Builder and Social Media Optimizer, who works dedicatedly and exclusively on your projects. With Finder6 you can outsource your SEO. You can hire an SEO Expert, who will work for you from our office, located in India. We provide employee not a free lancer. So you can work with the same employee everyday. Your SEO Expert will work only for you and you can work with your employee on a long term basis. Hence an SEO employee is a remote addition and extension of your local team and company. The cost of hiring a full time dedicated SEO Employee varies between US$799 to US$1499 per month. The cost is dependent upon the following factors:

» Skills set you require(SEO,SMO,SME)
» Employee's years of experience

Your employee will work from Finder6, located in India. Your employee will be under your control and you can assign work to your employee and instruct to complete work. If the employee requires any type of training supervise the work and set the deadline. Similarly your employee will report their progress in work and ask their questions and submit you the work. In summary hiring an SEO employee is just like hiring the local employee. It is entirely your choice, how you want to work with your employee i.e. independently or closely. You decide which tools like video hardwares and phone, skype, instant messenger, remote PC software your employee will use. Finder6 can creates an office environment in office which bridges physical difference for you to work-directly to employee in India. Finder6 looks after the outsource from India instruct or force them to work what they should work on. Finder6 will provide complete infrastructure, power backup, Internet, all peripherals such as headphones, scanner, printer, fax, web cam and facility of voice or video call to your employee. Our office is maintained with international standards with stable internet line, generator to ensure no break in electricity and server for secure data storage.

Your employee will be supervised and monitored by the Finder6 Managers and HR executive . You are safe that your employee is working in professional office environment, Manager/ HR executive are present for immediate assistance, you can implement any of your directions, you can resolve any problems, you can ensure your employee is working efficiently and you can make any necessary follow ups with such all Finder6 makes success at all times.
If you have any problem any time simply just call or email Finder6 clients support department. Our manager will assist you immediately. Finder6 have a service contract with You.

Benefits to Hire an SEO from us
» Hire Indian SEO Professionals at Indian Salaries.
» Hire 5+ years experienced SEO with complete knowlege of all aspects of SEO.
» Your SEO Professional can work as per your Country's Time Zone.
» you can interview yourselves to determine their suitability for the job.
» If any time, you dont like the performance of the hired SEO, you can requst to change the SEO.
» No need to pay for holiday or sick time.
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