See Here: Mom Films Her Twins But Camera Captures Her Another Baby Hanging By His Neck In The Background

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The happy Walla's family.

One of the twins baby.
One day Nicky was filming her two young twins, who were just learning to walk. Their big brother was feeding them. The babies laughed joyfully for the camera. Somehow, Nicky was distracted by the sound of a telephone receiver that wasn’t placed correctly, so she turned around to hang up the receiver. As the camera turned, it caught something behind her babies, that made her scream loudly and panicky.

Gavin, in his terrible situation.
She saw Gavin, her five-year-old son, was hanging by his neck, almost lifeless next to the window. While he was playing with the cords of the blinds, the cords got tangled around his neck, and his foot only touched the ground with his toes. His arms and head hung flaccid. Nicky dropped the camera and rushed towards the boy, while the camera recorded her cries filled with desperation, saying: “Gavin!!, Gavin!!”

Gavin, before the accident.
Nate (Father) can be heard entering the room in the video while Nicky was screaming “He’s chocked himself! He’s blue!” while Nate was trying to bring his son back to life. Asking him repeatedly, “Can you breathe?”

Gavin, after the accident.
And suddenly they hear the most beautiful sound of their life, the little boy coughs and begins to cry heartbreakingly. In spite of his cries, the parents were happy, because he was crying that meant he was alive. That was pure luck.

Internal bleeding on Kevin's face.
Gavin was lucky enough to get way with nothing more than just a red mark from the cord on his neck and some internal bleeding on his face.

10-year-old Bobby.
According to a survey, about 100 children die as a result of strangulation from curtain cords in the USA. Children lose consciousness in a very short span, and just after one minute they are already dead. The few, who are released quickly, are often left severely disabled just like Bobby, who also nearly hung himself as a child when he was ten years old.

Kids who suffered such mishap.

17-year-old Gavin.
Such accidents are short-lived and today Gavin is 17-year-old, completely recovered. He understands the seriousness and admits that it is a complete wonder that he survived and hence he has released the video footage to the public, of these few seconds, where he nearly died. He wishes to raise awareness of this kind of household dangers.

Though there are some manufacturers, who manufacture such cords that prevent strangulation. But, the children almost die while playing with the cord, as in the case of little Luca from Berlin, who was saved by his mother at the last moment. Please share this video with your loved ones to spread the awareness.


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