See Here: 15 Easiest Beauty Hacks You Must Start Trying Today

1. Eyebrow brush to discard lint.

2. Whitening toothpaste for pale nails.

3. Raw honey as face mask

4. Nail polish for tightening buttons.

5. Extra buttons as earrings holder.

6. Hide roots showing up with eyeshadow.

7. Toilet paper for removal of oil from face.

8. Rub a dryer sheet over frizzy hair.

9. Fix the streaks with toner.

10. Cooking spray for drying nail polish.

11. Hair straightener to iron your shirt's wrinkles.

12. Lotion to control frizzy hair.

13. Try new nail polish color without keeping it on your nails.

14. Listerine on blister.

15. Moisturizer for soft heels.

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