See Here: 13 Hilarious Texts From Moms That Will Make You Go LOL

1. The Mom who Disappears After a Text!

2. The Mom who is unknowingly too open about her *Bed room story*!

3. 'Caps' that makes us Feel she is Yelling!

4. The Invisible Mother!

5. The Mom who sends meaningless Emoticons!

6. The Match maker Mom!

7. The confused Mom!

8. The Christmas hangover Mom! Ho! Ho!

9. The Mom with her never-ending Queries!

10. The Mom who is extremely Funny, tries making A non-veg Emoticon!

11. The Mom who knows her kids in and out!

12. The Mom who's 'masturbator' is often misplaced!

13. This Mom loves the idea of introducing hersef in every Chat!


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