See Here: 12 FRIENDS Facts That Will Make Every 90s Kid Feel Old

1. September of 1994, Friends Was premiered

2. The finale aired three years before the first iPhone hit the market

3. Erica and Jack Bing (Chandler and Monica’s twins) were born in the two-part finale

4. And Rachel has not been just a waitress for 19 years

5. Monica and Chandler got married in 2001

6. All the cast members of Friends when they first appeared in the series

7. The final episode aired in May, 2004

8. During the show’s 100th episode in 1998, Phoebe gave birth to the triplets she carried for her brother.

9. This upcoming May, Ross and Emily would be celebrating their 18 wedding anniversary.

10. Courtney Cox is 51.

11. The world was introduced to holiday armadillo 15 years ago

12. Cole Sprouse celebrated his 23rd birthday this past August.

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