See Here: 11 Celebrities Who Were Adopted. #4 Might Surprise You

Celebrities are always in the news for some or the other reason. Be it their shows, their tantrums, their good deeds, charity or any other reason. Some even rise to fame based on their family backgrounds itself (rich daddy may be?) or just a show based on the lives of their families (Remember the Kardashians?). Now there are some celebs, who you didn’t know were adopted! You know their families but you don’t know how they got those families. Here are those 11 celebrities -

11) Melissa Gilbert

10) Bill Clinton

9) Jamie Foxx

8) Kristin Chenoweth

7) Ice T

6) Liz Phair

5) Nelson Mandela

4) Marilyn Monroe

3) Nicole Richie

2) Late Steve Jobs

1) Faith Hill

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