See Here: Top 9 Facts About $ex You Will Never Believe

#1. $ex burns more calories for men than for women

#2. Wearing stockings increases the chances of getting an org@sm

#3. In two weeks, a man can produce enough sperms to impregnate every woman in the world

#4. Pumpkins can stimulate $exual desires

#5. 1 percent of women can orgasm from breast stimulation

#6. Professor Beverly Whipple coined the term ‘G-Spot’

#7. 50% men believe that the size of their p@nis is inadequate, whereas 85% women are happy with their partners’ p@nis size.

#8. After $exual intercourse, the sperms can stay in a woman’s body for 5 to 9 days

#9. The clitoris has double the nerve fibers than the male org@n. Double the fun


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