See Here: This Woman's Eye Swelled Exactly To The Size Of Golf Ball. Why She Did This Is Shocking!

t is the story of a 32-year-old girl of U.K. who blew her nose so hard that it landed her in the hospital. Yes, you heard it right, she was forced to take a medical treatment after her eye swelled like a golf ball by just blowing her nose forcefully.

However, the vision of woman was not affected by the swelling as she was took antibiotics on time.

Woman suffered a huge swelling on her right eye.

A 32-year-old, who remained unnamed was rushed to the emergency department of Leicester Royal Infirmary University Hospital after suffering a huge swelling on her eye.

Reason of swelling was just because of blowing her nose forcefully.

The swelling got worse as 2-3 days passed and it became painful. Doctors conducted a series of test and found that she had 'orbital emphysema.' It is a swelling that occurs when soft tissues around the eye come into contact of air.

A CT scan shows the air around the woman's eye.
CT scan revealed that she was also having a fracture in the bone of her nose. Doctors are still not clear that the reason behind her fractured nose was because of blowing her nose forcefully.

Safest part is that her vision was not affected by the swelling.
In many severe cases, the condition can even get worse by causing blindness, as the pressure build up by the air in the eye can cause a loss of blood to the optic nerve.

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