See Here: Your Childhood Favorite Cartoons Weren’t As Innocent As You Thought

1. Is she really brushing her teeth or trying something else?

2. Whoa! What kind of crane is it?

3. Umm.. I don't find any wrestle moves here, then what's wrong with Angry Beavers?

6. Duh! What kind dance it is?

7. What Jerry is trying to do with Tom's Butt?

8. Common! I can't believe, Tom and Jerry can be so absurd

9. Spongebob, I can clearly see it.

10. Oops! Something went the wrong way.

11. Is Dexter a $exual pervert?

12. Shockingly, Teletubbies were the PBS' version of softcore pom.

13. Donald is in a seductive mood.

14. This the proof that everything back 90's was all evil.

Do share as much and save your kids from these perverted cartoons.


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